Sunday, August 27, 2017

Book 1 in the Scottish Lairds series - TAMING THE HEIRESS 

To honor the ancient legend of the selkie and save her Hebridean isle, Meg MacNeill spends one night on a rugged sea rock as local tradition demands. She meets the selkie there--a handsome man who emerges from the sea in a ferocious storm. Passion takes its course, and Meg loses her heart to the gentle stranger who disappears by dawn. But the legend is fulfilled, for luck returns to the island.

Seven years later, engineer and deep sea diver Dougal Stewart returns to the island where he once washed ashore into the arms of a beautiful maiden--but now he arrives to build a lighthouse on the sea rock. He cannot find the maiden, but encounters a fierce and beautiful baroness determined to prevent construction on her island. Soon Dougal realizes that the mysterious baroness is the barefoot beauty he once loved--but legends, obligations and the dangerous sea all conspire to threaten a love that could save all.

"An exquisite and magical Highland romance." ~Booklist *starred review*

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